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If people are an organization’s most important asset, then why do so few organizations actually implement programs that help individuals achieve their potential?
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1 Why Teams Work…Why They Don’t (May 2014)

High performing teams are easy to recognize  – energy is palpable, there is a positive sense of urgency, ideas flow continuously, team members trust each other, work is creative and sound, and results are achieved. Yet, teams with these characteristics remain elusive. The following four criteria – all based on sound research - may help to unlock the mystery of high team performance.

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1 Mind Your Business Model! (March 2013)

The term “business model” is used widely but defined and interpreted in a variety of ways. In essence, a business model is the combination of an organization’s value proposition (products and services), the markets and customers it serves, how it delivers its value to the marketplace (processes, suppliers, service delivery methods, etc.), and how its financial model is designed to generate a defined level of profitability when revenue and cost goals are achieved.

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1 What Should You Outsource? (June 2012)

Outsourcing as a cost reduction strategy has a long global tradition. The original thirteen colonies that became the USA were originally low cost outsourced agricultural production facilities established by European nations. At the height of its empire, Great Britain outsourced manufacturing all over the globe. Wherever pockets of lower cost labor are available companies and countries seek to use them to lower their own costs of good and services.

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1 The Essence of Organizational Effectiveness (September 2012)

Why is it that some companies perform so much better than others in the same markets and under the same business conditions? How is it that some launch new, innovative products while others become stale? Why do customers love certain companies while others languish with poor customer service? What are the real causes of such differing levels of success among competitors who produce and deliver similar products and services in the same markets?...Read More

1 Accelerating Organic Growth (January 2012)

Almost all organizations seek top line growth which unfortunately often remains elusive. Top line growth can come from multiple sources: winning more customers who decide to purchase your products or services; developing and selling new or expanded products or services to existing customer...Read More

1 Examine Your Business Model (March 2011)

Most organizations implement strategic planning to establish their path forward and determine their marketplace positioning. Strategic planning focuses on such questions as...Read More

1 Measurement Systems: Top Down or Bottom Up? (February 2011)

Organizations need integrated measurement systems for the leadership team to receive essential feedback to assess progress, make course corrections and determine future actions. This measurement system should address multiple areas of concern, hence the concept of a balanced scorecard or dashboard...Read More

  Match Your Business Model to Your Company's Needs (March 2007)
  Every company has a defined way - or model - in which it conducts its business. The elements of a business model include a vision and mission, a set of products and services, a "go-to-market" strategy for identifying and winning customers, a service delivery model for providing products and services, a human resource model, and a financial model...
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  Leading Indicators Predict Performance (May 2004)
  Every organization has a measurement system that generates monthly reports that become the financial statements that describe the health of the organization. But when most companies take a good look at what they are measuring, they usually find some unpleasant surprises... Read more
  Complex Projects Can Be Successful (August 2003)
  Every organization has projects. Some are internally focused and others provide service to customers. Yet, almost every organization struggles with its projects. They are often completed late and/or over budget and do not accomplish their original goals... Read more
  Adaptable Companies are Competitive Companies (July 2003)
  Have you noticed how some organizations have the ability to change and adapt quickly and easily as their environments change? Conversely, do you notice how some companies don't seem to be able to adapt or adjust no matter what they do? ... Read more
Are You Leading a Team or a Committee (May 2003)
  Most leaders describe the group that reports to them as their team. Unfortunately, they are very likely to be a committee rather than a team. And the difference is profound! ...
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  Rules For Reorganizing Can Maximize Efficiency (September 2002)
  Hate to re-organize? Most people do. It's disruptive. Established ways of working are threatened. But there are times when reorganization is necessary... Read more