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If people are an organization’s most important asset, then why do so few organizations actually implement programs that help individuals achieve their potential?
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We wanted to develop our leadership talent to support the growth of our organization. We selected Dr. Resnick and his leadership program because we believed that he would take the time to understand our business, customize the program to our needs, and provide senior level facilitation and relevant, interactive content. We have been delighted – the program is accomplishing all that we had hoped.

Chris Pillay
Meridian Technologies

We used Dr. Resnick to help us assess our sales organization and our sales management processes, as well as examination our selection process for sales talent. He continues to assist our sales organization, and has added significant value in enabling us to achieve our targeted organic growth goals.

Linda Lane
Senior vice President
MSC Care Management

Hal Resnick worked with us to review and refine our strategic plan. It was a complete package – we affirmed the vision, refined our strategies, and developed our implementation plan. The process has significantly impacted clarity of direction and empowerment for our entire workforce.

Rick Ferrin
Executive Director

Using Dr. Resnick’s approach to performance management (outlined in his book), my Division realized significant performance gains, dramatically improved customer satisfaction ratings, and established a new standard of organizational excellence. Dr. Resnick’s pragmatic and easily implemented approach provided a valuable guide on how best to achieve value-added contributions for our business.

Doug Woods
CIO – Executive Vice President, Technology

I was fortunate to cross paths with Dr. Resnick as I embarked on leading a 50 year-old non-profit, Family Foundations, into the 21st century.  In today’s competitive environment, non-profit agencies are working with limited resources mapped against seemingly infinite needs.  The families we impact are dependent upon our high-individual performance, internal culture of discipline and organizational effectiveness. The stakes are too high to accept anything less.
Dr. Resnick was the catalyst that led the Board of Directors and Executive staff to develop the vision and mission required to create community change, build alignment and guide our deployment of resources to achieve our vision. He is a consummate expert in the field of leadership and has been a mentor and friend to our organization. I will be forever grateful for his guidance, expertise and passion for our mission.

Dawn Lockhart
Chief Executive Officer
Family Foundations, Inc.

"Dr. Resnick has helped our senior leadership team focus on what is truly important.  His guidance as documented in Energizing Human Performance will assist all organizations in creating and sustaining a high performance culture."

Frank Peake
President and COO
Sea Star line, LLC

Dr. Resnick's insight into business is wisdom at it's finest. His consulting service and the information in this book has changed my outlook on my business forever. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a positive change on their bottom line. You, your employees and your business will never be the same.

Chris Patterson

I have worked with Dr. Resnick for more than twenty years, applying his workforce alignment principles on large oil and gas projects around the  world. His approach is unique in its ability to translate theory into day-to-day practical applications. His book describes his proven methods and is a “must read” for managers and executives seeking to improve their project and business performance.

Pleun E. Schuddebeurs
Project Executive
N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

Dr. Resnick’s insight, guidance and his ability to help us communicate our ideas from concepts to written work products was vital to our success in creating a system that increases employees’ performance year after year.
Frederick Lewis

Director, Personnel and Professional Standards
Office of the Sheriff
Duval County, Florida

I could end up writing a book about Dr. Resnick’s book! Its a roadmap to success for any organization. His work with our senior management team energized our company and led to breakthrough strategic initiatives.

Vanessa C. Solomon
Colomer USA   Multicultural Group

“I personally participated in Dr. Resnick’s Leadership Program and implemented it throughout our company. As the Co-Founder and President of a professional planning and engineering company, I am always balancing my time and work between serving clients and leading the business forward. This experience helped me develop tools for moving my company forward strategically, while ensuring continued high performance and client satisfaction. Dr. Resnick provided just the right blend of strategy and execution, theory and real-time application.”

Peter Hallock
Co-Founder and President
Prosser Hallock
Planners and Engineers

Dr. Resnick
“Dr. Resnick’s Leadership Development Program has been the mainstay to support the growth of our engineering organization from several hundred to thousands of engineers.”

Erez Ofer
Executive Vice President
Open Software Operations
EMC Corporation

“Dr. Resnick’s Leadership Development Program has enabled us to build our management capabilities and significantly increase our project management expertise.”

Carl Bertram
Vice President and General Manager
Parsons Energy and Chemicals
London, England

“Dr. Resnick’s Leadership Development Model is so compelling that we use it to kick off our executive MBA Programs”

Preston Wilson, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Executive Education
Georgia State University

Dr. Resnick
“Dr. Resnick’s Leadership Program both increased the competence of more than 500 of our managers and enabled us to identify and address key organizational issues.”

John Cunningham
Director, Human Resources
EMC Corporation

Dr. Resnick
“I have used Dr. Resnick’s Leadership Program in Europe and the United States. It has enabled our company to develop global consistency and enhance the skills of our senior leadership team”
Pleun Schuddebeurs
 Vice President and General Manager
ABB Lummus Global Americas

“We began implementing Dr. Resnick’s Leadership Development Program several years ago. Our senior vice presidents and vice presidents participated through several programs over the years and we consistently received excellent feedback. As a consequence, developed a “next level” internal version of this program that Dr. Resnick is providing for our mid-level managers. This program has had a significant positive impact throughout our organization, and is valued and appreciated at the highest levels of the company. It has aided significantly in developing our leadership talent, building cross-functional working relationships, and reinforcing the development of our customer-focused, high performing organization.”

Sheila Langley
Vice President
Human Resources